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Joint—Stock Company "Khatanga Commercial Sea Port" (HMTP) is the only company that simultaneously operates its own Arctic fleet and fleet to work at shallow depths and Arctic rivers. Currently, HMTP owns 32 units of the dry cargo and tanker fleet. The company carries out sea and river transportation within Russia and abroad. Among the key areas of activity is the transportation of goods along the Northern Sea Route to the regions of the Far North. The company's vessels deliver fuel, food and industrial goods, machinery, equipment and vehicles. International transportation routes include the basins of the Mediterranean and Black Seas, the seas of Western Europe, as well as the Far East.
The structure of the company includes the main base of the fleet for working at shallow depths — the port of Khatanga. It is located in the very center of the Northern Sea Route, which makes it possible to carry out raid unloading of its own large-tonnage fleet as efficiently as possible and further delivery to destinations with shallow depths, along rivers and to an unequipped shore. HMTP plays an important role in the development of the mineral resources of the Arctic zone and the continental shelf of the Russian Federation, as well as in the northern importation programs. The company develops the idea of energy independence of settlements in the territories of the Far North.
The Company has accumulated a wealth of experience in the difficult climatic conditions of the northern regions of Russia, including beyond the Arctic Circle. The number of successful projects today includes social and residential facilities put into operation on the territory of Taimyr.


  • 42 Sovetskaya str., Khatanga , Russian Federation
  • +7-39176-21463
  • crewing@hmtp.ru

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