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The Ligabue Catering Group is a highly esteemed member of the worldwide business community, unique in the sector for its diversified offering and areas of operation. From its roots in the Venetian lagoon, Ligabue has reached worldwide success thanks to the quality of its personnel and the wide range of services it offers. In 90 years of operation, the company has achieved many important objectives.

The success story began long ago in 1919, when founder Anacleto Ligabue placed his business bet by supplying food to Società Veneziana di Navigazione ships in the port of Venice.

In 1929 Anacleto came up with the brilliant idea of offering on-board assistance to kitchen staff as well as supplying the ships with food. This marked the beginning of the ship catering business which has played such a crucial role in the company’s further development. Ship owners no longer had to buy provisions and hire their kitchen staff to provide meals for passengers and crew and simply turned to Ligabue, which soon became a key partner for leading ship owners.

By 1940, more than 130 ships were using Ligabue catering services. In the 50’s, with the rapid development of the shipping business, Ligabue provided catering and hotel services to over 400 ships, including cargo ships, ferry boats, transatlantic passenger and cruise ships.

A new business area was added in 1963 for the supply of catering and hotel services to worksites, oil fields and offshore drilling platforms. This was the beginning of an important partnership with the ENI Group and other international oil and construction companies around the world. Ligabue became the leading caterer for industry

In 1970, under the guidance of the current Honorary Chairman, Giancarlo Ligabue, Ligabue also began supplying meals to flights departing from Venice Airport, in this way enabling rapid growth in the airplane and airport catering sectors as well.

When Giancarlo Ligabue took over as Company Chairman in 1972 the Group extended its airport services to other Italian airports, managing bars, restaurants, stores and duty free shops.

In 1973 Giancarlo Ligabue, a keen scholar and scientist, set up the Centro Studi Ricerche Ligabue (The Ligabue Study and Research Centre), a non-profit association which seeks to study the origins of human life, with special focus on the culture of food.

Between 1980 and 1990, the Cruise Ship Division was created and partnerships with leading Italian ferry groups, with over 50 ships, were strengthened.

International operations have been expanding since 2000 with the opening of branches in the Middle East, North Africa and Western and Central Asia to better develop the strategic On & Off Shore business area.

Now in its third generation, with the entry of Inti Ligabue as CEO, the Company supplies top quality catering and hotel services using leading edge technologies for every type of ship, offshore drilling platform or large construction site.

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