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Master for LPG - Semi-refrigerater

Looking Master for LPG RUS/LTV crew on board European trading Contract 3 months V.Ships Management

BGI Saint-Petersburg

  • 27-11-2019
  • 12500 USD
  • 3 months

Master for Bulk Carrier

Looking Russian Master for Cape Size Bulker. Vessel under V.Ships CYP Management Crew: UKR/RUS Ratings Filipino Preferable experience on Cape Size vessels.

BGI Saint-Petersburg

  • 10-01-2020
  • 9300 USD
  • 4 months

Master for Bulk Carrier

Bulker 2011 y.b., DWT 36781, ME MAN+B&W 6S460MC-C7, 7859kW, similar experience, mixed crew, joining - beg December

Saint-Petersburg Maritime Company

  • 01-12-2019
  • 8450
  • 4 months

Master for LPG - Semi-refrigerater

Looking Master for LPG Semi Pressurised/Refrigerated European trading Crew: LTV,RUS Management: V.Ships CYP

BGI Saint-Petersburg

  • 06-11-2019
  • > 12500 USD
  • 3 months

Master for Multi-Purpose Vessel

Требуется Капитан на Multi-Purpose vessel Немецкий судовладелец Зарплата 5750 евро+500 евро perfomance bonus начисляется ежемесячно, выплачивается с последней зарплатой Посадка 17.11.2019, контракт 4+/-1 месяца Год постройки 2013 DWT 5670 Район работы World Wide Экипаж смешанный На мостике Капитан, Старпом, 2-ой Помощник Тел: +74012 311719


  • 17-11-2019
  • 5750-6250 euro
  • 4 months

Master for Chemical tanker

Looking for an experienced Master to join oil/chemical tanker. Good English is required. Please send your CV to

Baltic Transocean Shipping&Crewing SIA

  • 15-10-2019
  • 8500
  • 4 months

Master for AHTS

Looking Master DP unlimited for Tan Cang Offshore SERVICES JSC fleet. Contract duration 3-4 months on / 2 months off. Mostly operating in Vietnamese waters, sometimes offshore Malaysia/Singapore/Thailand/Myanmar also. Occasionally, the vessels go to Japan or Russia (Sakhalin)

Wagenborg St. Petersburg

  • 18-10-2019
  • 250-270/day
  • 3 months

Master for Reefer

Looking for a Master for the reefer vessel. Master(GC) holding valid NIS docs (or the same expired) ready to join asap. Contract duration 3 months (2 months can be discussed as well) Salary: 7300 USD A candidate must hold valid Schengen visa or be a EU citizen, because of the recent vessels’ TA: Scrabster(UK) – Runavik (Faroes Islands) Baltic Sea - Iceland

BGI Saint-Petersburg

  • 30-09-2019
  • 7300 USD
  • 3 months

Master for General cargo

MASTER to join beg October, 6550 USD, 2M +/-1, NIS docs on hands or in the past would be a great advantage additional bonus for PEC (Norway) holders Mixed crew: Officers – RUS, Ratings – Filipino, Vessel works in Europe.

BGI Saint-Petersburg

  • 04-11-2019
  • 6550 USD
  • 2 months

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