Описание вакансии


Chief Engineer

Детали вакансии

  • Зарплата: salary negotiable
  • Дата посадки: in 1 month
  • Длина контракта: 10 w

Детали судна

  • Тип: General Cargo Vessel
  • Vessel: 2 990 GRT
  • Главный двигатель: Mitsubishi, 1 050 HP


We are looking for a Chief Engineer for this new built vessel.

You will be working in a fixed 10/10 weeks schedule.

You are expected to start working on this vessel while it's still in the shipyard. The embarkation will be two weeks before the vessel will be delivered and afterwards you will stay for approx. 8 more weeks on board.

Embarkation date: week 33

The vessel is currently being built in Groningen, The Netherlands.

Название компании: LOWLAND-SP

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