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2nd Cook

Cruise Liner
97 Просмотры

Детали вакансии

  • Зарплата: 1500
  • Дата посадки: 02-04-2017
  • Длина контракта: 8


seagoing experience on cruise-liners and English knowledge required
STCW Certificates required:
1.Basic Safety Training Section A-VI/1 which includes:
1. VI/1-4 Personal Safety and Social Responsibility;
2. VI/1-1 Personal Survival Techniques;
3. VI/1-3 Elementary First Aid;
4. VI/1-2 Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting;
2. VI/2-1 Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats ( optional);
3. A-V /2 – Training for Personnel Serving On Passenger Ship(with para from 1 to 4 included of Crisis and Crowd Management):
4. A-VI/6 Ships Security Awareness Training for the Seafarers with Designated Security Duties ( para from 1 to 5)

5. Ship's Cook Certificate

Детали судна

  • Type: Cruise Liner
  • YOB: 1997
  • DWT: 15
  • Engine: Dal Diesel , 10560 kwt

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