Electrical Engineer


  • Salary: 3500 $ / month
  • Joining: 07.03.2021
  • Duration: 5+-45


  • Type: Bulk carrier


We are looking for a good ETO Type of vessel: Bulk Carrier DWT: 63742 t Year of build: 2018 Flag: Liberia Salary: 3500$ +100$ RJ Length of contract: 5 +/- 45 Need: March Requirements: Good English, under 50 years old, one year in rank on board.



City: Odessa
Address: Srednefontanskaya 19/B, off 8
Phone: +380949472377 +380487439377 +380505555161
License: 20107230975
Contact person: Mr. Khorosanov Leonid

STMA Ltd. is one of the leading crewing Companies which works on official basis, according to the Ukrainian International Law, with the support of Unlimited Manning License.
Our Crewing agency about 10 years on the crewing market, would like to offer you our services for selection of Officers and Rating personnel of highly skilled level
The strict adherence to International Quality Standards and full compliance with IMO, STCW, SOLAS, MARPOL, ISM, ISO 9001:2008 and latest MLC 2006 requirements are our successful tools to fulfill our Clients’ demands.
Above all our professional Marine and Shore based staff is dedicated to manage Ships and Crew safely and effectively.
A combination of traditional marine skills integrated comprehensive IT technology makes STMA Ltd. one of the best in third party of Crew Management.
Our success is the direct result of the long term work on the quality system improvement and its implementation into all processes.

STMA globally competes to get recognition as one of the best crew providers for trade marine. Therefore, we are providing our Clients with the highly qualified Seafarers, those who meet the requirements and standards of the modern marine industry.

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