Electrical Engineer


  • Salary: 3000 $ / month
  • Joining: 26.02.2021 - 16.03.2021
  • Duration: 5


  • Type: AHTS


Good English, experience in rank, offshore experience.



Address: 37, 21 Yanvarya str., of.330
Phone: +38 094 9785110
License: 31156411
Contact person: VIKTORIA KARDASH

SEA WAY Maritime Agency offers a complete range of services connected with crew-manning. We provide qualified and competent Ukrainian crew for the following types of vessels: bulk carriers, container vessels, oil, product, chemical tankers, dry cargo, general cargo vessels, and others.
Our Company is registered and licensed in accordance with legislation of Ukraine.
Since 2001 when the Company was established we have gained a lot of crewing experience and through all the period we have been considered reliable and honest partners both for Ukrainian seamen and foreign Companies we cooperate with. Among our partners are such companies as TSAKOS SHIPPING & TRADING S.A., CARDIFF MARINE INC., DIANA SHIPPING SERVICES S.A., Z.&G. HALCOUSIS CO., and others.
We are located in Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine. Since Sevastopol has always been one of the largest ports of Ukraine there is a great seafarers’ market here.
We have a big database (more than 3000 officers and about 5000 crew ratings) of professional seafarers which have already had experience of working for foreign ship-owners.
Besides, our database is constantly increasing due to graduates from marine colleges. There are five marine colleges in Sevastopol which enables us to provide cadets and junior officers to serve on foreign ships.
Being aware of foreign Companies Policies and Requirements we offer candidates taking into consideration their previous working experience, knowledge of English, awareness of ISM Code, possessing STCW 78/95 certificates, healthy and non-drinkers.
Prior to joining the vessel our crewing managers familiarize seafarers with vessel’s particulars, working conditions and owners’ requirements to candidates.
Our goal is to meet both the owners’ requirements and the seaman’s expectations. We assist in career prospects of our seafarers and ensure high quality of services for our foreign partners.

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